Places to Visit While in New York

New York is one of the most popular states in the USA, and it is partly because of the city that shares its name with. However, there is more to this state than New York City (though NYC is an attraction in and by itself). Here are some of the places you should visit while in New York.

1. Niagara Falls

One of the best waterfalls in the world and perhaps the best one in America, the majestic Niagara Falls is located at the US-Canada border. Essentially a combination of 3 waterfalls, the Niagara boasts of the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. To get the best appreciation of this natural marvel, we recommend that you take the Maid of the Mist boat ride. Whether you visit Niagara Falls on day or night, you are in for a treat.

2. Lake Placid

Lake Placid is one of the best places to see in New York. Both the lake and the city that is named after it are great destinations for both locals and foreigners. Best known as the site where the 1980 Winter Olympics took place, the Olympic Museum at Lake Placid is a must-see for sports fans. An abundance of hiking trails will make you best appreciate the wonders of nearby Adirondack Mountains. There are activities for everyone, whether you visit Lake Placid in the winter or summer.

3. Finger Lakes

Located at central New York, Finger Lakes is perhaps best known as the state’s wine capital. There are over 100 wineries and vineyards located here, so those who are passionate about local wines can have a blast here. If you are not into wines (or done drinking), you can also visit any of the 11 lakes where this place got its name from. There are also 2 must-see museums at Finger Lakes: the Glenn H. Curtis Aviation Museum and the Strong National Museum of Play.

4. Ithaca

Ithaca has something for everybody. A town with an old-school charm, this city has a very laid-back feel to it that is very relaxing. If you are into nature, there are lakes, waterfalls, and hiking trails waiting for you to explore. Parks and museums such as the Sciencenter Children’s Museum, the Robert H. Treman State Park make this city a great place to take the kids on a day out.

5. Albany

My garage door guy at just told me about this one! The state capital and one of the most historic cities in the state, Albany is a city you must see while you are in New York. A city with a classic charm, you can visit a number of museums and historic landmarks such as the New York State Executive Mansion and the Palace Theatre. The Institute of Art and History and the USS Slater are also must-see destinations, especially if you are a fan of American history. 

Traveling with your pet. What you should consider

Yes, there are people that are traveling with their pets. They don’t leave them at home. But how do they cope with traveling with a pet? And, how do you know that your pet will be allowed in the country? There are many things that you should consider when you are traveling with your pet. With these top three things to consider, you will not need to worry about your pets.

Do research about the countries that you want to visit and their pet requirements

The first thing that you should do, is to do as much research as possible. You want to make sure about the countries that have strict rules and regulations about taking pets with you. You need to make sure that you know what you need to have with you, in order to take your pet with you.

People don’t do all the research, and they are ending up with a pet that needs to stay at the airport in quarantine. And, this isn’t something that you want to do, if you love your pet as your children.

Make sure your accommodation is pet-friendly

You are allowed in the country with your pet. However, this doesn’t mean that the accommodation that you have booked will allow the pet in their hotel or resort. This is why you should make sure that your accommodation is pet-friendly before you just start making bookings.

There are some accommodation options that are accommodating to animals that are traveling with their owners. Making sure that you can take your pet with you into the hotel beforehand is just going to make things easier.

Always get the right vaccinations

A tip to remember. You should make sure that your pet is up to date with his vaccinations and that you are taking the proof with you when you are traveling to other countries.

This isn’t just because of the rules and regulations that you should vaccinate your pet, but this is also for his safety. Just like your pet can get sick from other pets in the country, you can make other pets sick as well.

Traveling with pets. A lot easier said than done. There are many things that you should consider when you are traveling with your pet. These are just the top three things that you should consider. This is the only way to ensure that you and your pet isn’t getting separated in the other country.

Traveling problems. Fitting everything into your suitcase

If you are a frequent traveler, you will know that this is the one problem that everyone has. Fitting everything into your suitcase. Especially, if you are going away for more than a week. It always seems that one suitcase is never enough. There is always that one thing that you need to take with you. The truth is that many of the things that you need to take with you are unnecessary. With these tips, you will know how to fit all your clothing into one suitcase.

Plan your outfits

The first thing that you should make sure about, is that you plan your outfits. You make sure that you have a set of clothing for each day. Don’t just pack in some clothing, thinking that you might need it.

By planning your outfits and making sure that you have winter and summer clothing in, you will have enough clothing, and it will all fit into one suitcase. Mix and match your outfits, will also be a great way to ensure that you have enough clothing, but that you will not actually wear the same outfit twice.

You don’t need 4 different pairs of shoes

Do you really know how much space a pair of shoes take in a suitcase? And, who really needs to take four pairs of shoes with you. One pair for formal wear and one pair for casual wear is enough.

Even, if you are a shoe lover, you don’t need to take it all with you. This is the only way that you can save some space in your suitcase to pack actual clothing in. Things that are a lot more important than all your favorite shoes.

There are washers and dryers available in any country

There is one thing that you should understand. There are washers and dryers available in all the countries. So, you can take a day out of your exploring and wash your clothing. Then, you will have clean clothes to wear again. And, if you have packed your clothing for mixing and matching, then you won’t have a problem with wearing your clothing again.

There are some ways that you can fit everything into your suitcase. We know that you want to make sure that you have everything you might need while on holiday. However, most of those items aren’t necessary. By planning and mixing and matching your clothing, you will have two to three outfits, with only a few sets of clothing. It is really possible to fit everything into your one suitcase before traveling.